Going no contact is medicine for the soul!

How do you just stop communicating with someone who you love? Under what circumstances can this make sense? Why is it important to go no contact?

In my own journey of healing, this concept by far was the most difficult to stick to! Ironically, no one ever really told me NEVER contact them again. I didn’t want to do it. How does it make sense to make a deliberate decision to never speak to, whom I considered at the time to be the love of my life? To say the least, it’s a very unconventional way of thinking! I, personally give credit to my body and its instincts to survive!

Inevitably, we must listen to our body and do exactly what it tells us what to do!

Let’s turn to the medical field and take a thought journey with me to infections in the body.

We are all born with an immune system. But sometimes, we acquire infections from outside and from within that make it impossible for our immune systems to deal with. Have you ever had to have something removed from your body that eventually would’ve killed and destroyed you? Your immune system is probably one of the most important things in your body to protect you from dying! It’s on constant watch and action to fight off infection, disease and death!

These infections caused by foreign objects and internal germs and eventually cause us a great deal of pain. That’s why we have emergency rooms and doctors. They tell us what we need to do to protect ourselves and save our lives. Morever, they are trained to perform procedures to save our lives. It’s very abnormal to endure the pain caused by an infection even with having access to help! However, many find it acceptable to allow infections caused by toxic destruction of abusive people to destroy them. Above all, most never get help or take action!

No contact is the ultimate medicine for the soul!

Are you finding that you are deeply involved in a toxic dynamic, Are you in an emotionally destructive relationship? If your coexistence with this person causes you pain, then pop the pimple! Pull the infection out! See a doctor! Get some antibiotics! In other words, have the surgery! Above all, save your life!

Going no contact is a very difficult thing to do. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. However, finding the strength to do it will allow you to heal and speed your healing process. Even though it will involve deep emotional turmoil and pain, this process will prove to be much easier than staying engaged with the source of pain!